Game show solutions

by Julio Costa

We deliver stand-alone or component (computer based) systems, tailored to the exact requirements of your show. The following images show some recent work:

The set of Family Feud SA. The control PC updates the screens live.
The control screen for “Kyk Wie Praat”

The control screen for Family Feud SA. The software sends preemptive messages to the production team, such as “Oom Gert can steal and win”.

The control screen of “Slim Vang sy Baas”, an Afrikaans game show filmed in Cape Town

The studio of “Slim Vang sy Baas”, showing the two teams getting ready for battle…

Quiz buttons

Upon “buzz-in”, other contestants are immediately locked out. The system may be manually reset, or this may be done automatically after a presettable time. Buttons illuminate upon buzz-in, and may trigger additional lighting effects. Sound effects can be selected from the supplied library, or you may supply your own.

Screen feeds

Identify your contestants with multiple stunning screen feeds. Indicate their scores live, or display graphics to suit. Changing background images or colours clearly indicates a buzz-in event.

Contact Julio Costa on +27(0) 82 372-1750 for an elegant, clever solution to suit your exact requirements!

Control software

The custom software is tailored to suit your show. DMX and / or MIDI commands may be sent to trigger lighting changes. Comprehensive auditing is automatically done, and regular snapshots are saved to simplify re-takes.